Advanced Toilet Plunger


Eliminate your clogging problems once and for all with the Advanced Toilet Plunger.   As we often encounter blockages in the toilet, sink, drain and sewer, we need a tool that can quickly and effectively take care of it, FAST!, to get rid of the "matter" that is causing the clogging.

This "foreign matter" is difficult to clean and smells hediously bad. This Advanced Toilet plunger can easily solve this problem, so you can go on with your happy life!


Practical, convenient, compact, high efficiency, without a large learning curve to operate.  Simply squezze the valve to build pressure and "plunge" away the obstruction!

A necessity for household cleaning, reusable, safe, easy to operate manually.

Clear away tough obstructions without using harsh chemicals, using this environment friendly Advanced Toilet plunger.

With the power to launch a tennis ball over 30 meters (See image above), this Advanced Toilet plunger is guaranteed to clear your most challenging blockages.

Ergonomic handle grip, pressure release safety valve design.

Wide range of applications for toilet drains, washbasins, sinks, bathrooms, garages, kitchens, etc.

Pressure gauge can clearly observe the air pressure during use.


  • Material: ABS Rubber
  • Dimensions: app.535x115mm/21.06x4.53in
  • Main Color: White
  • Quantity: 1 Set


Please allow 0-1cm difference due to manual measurement.


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