Almazan Select Serbian Chef Knife

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The Best Chef's Knife in the World Just Got Better

Chop and hack ANYTHING with this hardened steel cleaver. The Almazan Select Serbian Chef Knife is forged and sharpened manually by workers at over 1436°F!

The master craftsman producing these blades have more than 30 years of experience in knife making and use natural stone grinders to get the sharpest blade finish (See image below). 

Due to the quenching skill made by experienced workers and unique forming technology with different heating methods, the equilibrium between the rigidity and tenacity of this knife is guaranteed to keep it razor sharp for longer. 

serbian hunters knife

Features of Hunters Serbian Chef Knife:

  • High Carbon Blade - Forged with High Carbon Steel for better wear resistance and toughness, making it currently the best chef knife
  • Hand Forged and Hardened - It is forged and ground by hand and heat treated using traditional Master Smithing techniques.
  • Tough, Durable and built for any situation - Each knife is handmade to withstand even the toughest of situations anytime, anywhere

forged steel Chef Cleaver

Hand forged from the finest materials, it is currently known as the best chef knife in the world.

Almazan Serbian Chef Knife


  • Blade length: 11.02" (28cm)
  • Blade width: 3.93" (10cm) (Widest Point)
  • Blade thickness: 6mm (Thickest Point)
  • Net weight: 0.88lbs (400g)

Almazan Serbian Chef Knife


  • Option 1: 1 x Almazan Select Serbian Chef Knife Without Sheath
  • Option 2: 1 x Almazan Select Serbian Chef Knife With Sheath
  • Option 3: 1 x Sheath Only
  • Bundles: All Bundle Packages include the Sheath for each knife


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