Kids GPS Smart Watch

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Now you can make sure your child is safe with this bluetooth GPS Enable Smart Watch! 

Picture this scenario, you take your beloved children to the long awaited Disney vacation.  You are in the park admiring all the wonderful things around you when all of the sudden, your child disappears from your sight!  Just like you, your child got mesmerized by all the attractions and without a moments notice, he is no longer within your sight.  It has happened to many of us and it's a moment we don't want to relive or even think of the consequences.

This is why you need the Kids GPS Smart Watch! Simply place it on your child's wrist, program the App on your phone and voila! You are now at-ease knowing you can find know your childs location with a simple glance at your watch.

Full of handy features, this watch is designed to give you complete peace of mind when your child is out of sight. It has a remote voice and camera monitor that lets you see and hear what your kid is doing, LPS positioning system to keep track of your child’s movement, SOS feature to let you know when your kid needs your assistance, and all other functions normally expected of a smart watch.

All children get easily distracted, with this watch you can check and see what the situation is and even talk to.  The GPS tracker has a ‘Forbidden in Class’ feature that lets you set timers when your child should be in class. When activated, this feature disables the touch feature.

The watch is constructed with the highest quality materials and latest technology to ensure these watches are durable, reliable and can stand the normal abuse and wear that a child will expose it to. 

Why should you get this GPS smart watch for your kid:

The cool design will have your kid in love at first sight.  Its many safety features provide everything a parent wants and needs for complete peace of mind.


REMOTE MONITORING: The smart watch has a remote camera and voice monitor that lets you monitor what your kid is doing any time of day. Simply dial the number and the device will automatically answer, letting you secretly watch and hear what your kid is doing.

SOS EMERGENCY CALL FEATURE: When in distress, your kid can use this smart watch GPS to inform you thanks to an intuitive and advanced SOS feature.

Pressing the SOS button on the kids smartwatch for 3 seconds alternatively calls the preset numbers until someone answers the phone. You can set up to 3 SOS numbers for those situations.

KEEPS TRACK OF YOUR KID’S LOCATION: This GPS tracker watch for kids uses dual positioning systems based on Assisted GPS (AGPS) and Local Base Station (LBS) to give accurate, real-time information on your child’s location with smart watch for children. You can easily track your kid’s movements and know where they are any time of day.

RESTRICT USAGE TO OUTSIDE CLASS: To ensure your kid is attentive in class, it has a feature that restricts usage of the smart watch at certain times of the day. Simply set times when your child is usually in class and the watch will be automatically disabled during these times.

MULTIFUNCTIONS:  Multiple features that make it handy for the safety and comfort for kids of any age: alarm, pedometer, sleep control, find watch, flashlight, quick learning, voice chat and more. 

Package Includes:

1 x Smart Watch
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Retailed Box 
Gift Set (Optional):
Gift Card

Please note that the orange wristband pattern is different from other wristband patterns with a star pattern on it. Sim card not included.



  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery due to high demand for this product.

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