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K2 Ergonomic Laptop Stand

The Answer to the Laptop Nomad!

An extremely practical and well designed laptop stand that is as portable as your laptop

Fold it and take it with you wherever you need to go with your laptop.  Small footprint and fold-ability makes it  easy to accommodate inside any laptop backpack. 

Slick design makes it the perfect companion for the person on the go, the college student or the teleworker who wants a comfortable ergonomic stand to work from.  Get yours now at this special introductory price.

A Cinch to Setup and Use...

Designed for the person on the go, this stands is ready when you are.    With a quick one motion setup, you can be ready to work in seconds.    The stand features:

  • Very light and sturdy.  It weighs only 240 grams!
  • The height is adjustable from 26 to 30 angle of lift.  Perfect for a standing desk usage.
  • Fits all makes and models of laptops from 10" to 18.4"
  • Strong enough to support up to 22lbs in weight.
  • Designed to protect your posture so you won't suffer long term spinal cord injury.
  • Super light and collapsible.  Includies a high quality nylon bag to help you carry it with ease.

Built to Last

As Seen On:

Work Design Magazine

The Ergonomist

The American Chiropractor


Designed to last, designed for YOU!

Ergonomics is the science or the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.  This Stand was designed to increase your efficiency without sacrificing your posture and your health.

Prop it anywhere you need to

Easy setup up allows you to get to work in seconds without sacrificing proper posture.  The stand was designed ergonomically to adjust to any type of laptop and for any type of user.  It really fits your way of life!

Get Your Display at Doctor's Recommended Eye-Level

This stand allows you to raise your laptop however high you need to reach the recommended eye level and prevent you from neck pain.  

Perfect for on the go teleworker or student

This stand stows in a very small footprint allowing you to take it anywhere you take your laptop.

This probably one of the best purchases online I ever did. This stand is outstanding: it is really lightweight and durable; it has a very nice sleeve and is easy in operation. My neck feels much better right now and I think this is a clear must. My quality of live is seriously improved now. When you buy it, consider buying a separate keyboard and, of course, a mouse.

Peter White


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my order take to be delivered?

The shipping time will vary depending on your exact location. On items that are located in our USA warehouse, shipping times are 4-7 business days.  For items warehoused abroad however, it usually takes between 10-15 business days for shipping to the US and 15-20 business days for international shipping. 

Can I track my order?

We will send you the tracking code of your orders to the email address you used when placing your orders. This email will also guide you how to track your package. 

Please allow 2-5 days for the tracking information to be displayed  after you receive that email.  You can also come back and click "TRACK ORDER", put your order number and get an update.

Will this stand work with my laptop?

This stand is designed to fit 99% of the laptop sizes available today and some that were manufactured years back.  Most laptop today are very thin and light, this stand will handle those laptops without any issues.  To be sure, check that your laptop does not weight more than 22 lbs and is not larger than 18.4 inches or smaller than 10.11 inches.