Dog Car Window Guard - Expandable Ventilation Safe Guard

$16.95 $29.45

The Dog Window Car Vent allows you to keep your car ventilated while you’re on the move or when your're parked. Great for giving your dog the ventilation they need. Suitable for most types of car window, this dog car vent fits between the glass and the window frame and is easy to install and remove.

GREAT FOR PETS - Keep the car window open and prevent pets from putting their head out . Great for hot summer days! Its the perfect security safeguard for your car, truck or SUV.

EXPANDS TO FIT ANY VEHICLE - Dog Car Vent Expands to fit most car and truck side windows. Expandable design allows windows to open wider for better air flow. Let the cool air in while keeping pets safe in the car.

EASY FOLDABLE STORAGE - Folds flat and compact for easy storage. Easily fits into glove compartments or small storage areas. Perfect for when your traveling or outdoors.

EASY TO INSTALLL - Pet car vent easily expands and contracts to fit different width windows and configuration. Slits in the top and bottom of the car vent securely install the vent to prevent slippage. No tools required!

The car vent should not be regarded as a security device. Its intended function is to allow fresh air to be admitted to your vehicle and to discourage your pet from putting his head out or attempting to leave the vehicle.

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