Self-Heating Electric Lunch Box

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Now you can enjoy hot & delicious home cooked lunches wherever you go with the new Electric Lunch Box. Now you can heat, steam, stew, & re-heat your favorite food with no hassle and no fuss.

Plus with the Electric Lunch Box’s one touch control, having the perfect lunch has never been easier! Made from a durable impact resistant insulating shell that is strong, non-stick, yet lightweight and compact. So you can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals served hot and fresh. Great for school & work lunches.

Electric Lunch Box

Why is the Electric Lunch Box better than regular lunch boxes?

  • Self-Heating - Just plug the cord 25 minutes before lunch break, continue working, and have your lunch warm and ready. Enjoy your lunch as if it was just freshly cooked!
  • Safe to Use - Made from food-grade, heat-resistant material to guarantee your food is safe.
  • Seal its Freshness - With its innovative design, your lunch is sealed perfectly for storage. No need to worry about soup, sauces, or oil spilling!
  • Bring your own Utensil - The Electric Lunch Box has its own spoon and fork compartment. No need to use disposable utensils!
  • Heat Food in your Car - It has an adapter for your car, you can start warming your lunch while you're driving to work!


  • Size: 238 x 170x 108mm
  • Power: 40W
  • Voltage: 12/110/220V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Adapter length: 84cm

Package Includes: 

1 x Lunch Box
1 x Power Cord

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