Flexible Tablet Stand

$27.97 $69.99


This Flexible Tablet Stand and Holder is the solution you have been looking for.  No longer get shoulder and neck strains while using your table in bed.  This flexible stand easily adjusts to your proper ergonomic angle and prevent lasting pains.

Hands-free support, place it at eye-level comfort for the correct ergonomic position.   The flexible legs steadily hold your Tablet or Smartphones for easy operation.  Use it in bed, in the sofa, by the pool or anywhere you will be using your tablet.  

No longer bound by gravity, you’ll enjoy new uses for your device. You’ll finally be able to relax while video chatting, reading, writing, or watching a movie. Get out the popcorn, and get your hands back.

Model Number: TS106
Package: Yes
Material: Metal

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