Tattoo Removal Laser Pen

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The Tattoo Removal Laser Pen utilizes FDA approved & clinically validated technology laser for tattoo removal, laser freckle removal and other melanin removal. 

How Does It Work?

The Tattoo Removal Laser Pen uses powerful impulses of light at a wavelength designed to ONLY attack specific pigments - leaving your skin pain free during treatment.

This means skin wont be burned or damaged, only a gentle tingling sensation will be felt during operation.

Laser Pen Tattoo Removal Process 

How Long Will It Take to take effect? 

You should start to see results after 2 treatments.  Regular treatments of twice per week should be done depending on results.  This gives all pigments adequate time to begin denaturing and cause visible fading. This process is known as Photo-ablation.

Below: A  4 month commitment to the Picosecond pen has almost completely removed Davids Neck Tattoo. With the traditional Q-Switch Technology, these results would have cost thousands, with extensive healing time and high risk of infection.

Continuous and repeated exposure to these wavelengths causes pigments to weaken and break apart, painlessly and gradually fading your tattoo or blemish.

Continue application until the tattoo has faded completely, increasing intensity only when necessary. The image below demonstrates the fading you can expect with each month of treatment.

Tattoo Removal

What Can I Remove?

With multiple routine sessions Pico-Laser technology allows you to easily remove:

  •      Tattoos
  •      Freckles
  •      Melasma (sunspots)
  •      Light Scarring/Stretch Marks


Avoid long visits to the doctor and painful procedures with a long healing time. This device is safe enough and effective in the privacy of your own home.

The laser does not interact with human tissue. Have piece of mind that FDA Approved Picosecond Technology will keep your skin safe and your body blemish-free.

Sleek, Compact durable design meaning you can take it anywhere and pass it on to friends for years to come!


  • Easy to use LCD Interface: providing a stress-free user experience that anyone will be able to operate confidently.
  • Efficient: Specially designed wavelength of the laser means this pen is very effective in dealing with any dark spots on the skin (tattoos, moles, acne scars).
  • Effective: No Pain From Proven FDA Approved Technology.
  • Fast: Any dark spots, tattoos, or other skin blemishes can be erased.
  • Safe: Using the Laser Removal Pen will not cause any damage to skin tissues. Safety Glasses are provided and the LCD Display built in to provide you with maximum control over the process. 

 Safety Information

  • Use A Maximum Exposure Of 1-2 Seconds In Each Area. 
  • Take Breaks Of At Least 3 Days Between Each Session.
  • Wear The Included Safety Glasses During Operation.
  • Read Instructions Carefully - Not For Use In Or Around Eyes
Neatcell Laser Pen Owners Manual
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