Power Tool Drill Saw Attachment

$59.95 $119.99

Now you can turn your regular drill into a reciprocating saw!

Prune, trim wood and cut through metals with ease!

The Power Tool Drill Saw Attachment instantly converts your drill into a powerful cutting device.

This saw adapter connects to your grinder just like a regular drill bit

It has a 9mm size drill bit end that securely attaches to the grinder.

Attach the right blade and you’re ready to cut through any material.

A versatile tool that cuts through just about everything!

Whether you’re trimming wood or cutting metals, this saw attachment will be your go-to tool for all your sawing tasks.


Cuts steel, aluminum, copper, boards, sheets and more!

Reciprocating saws are best used for remodeling. It’s a perfect demolishing tool that can slice through embedded pipes and nails in the wood.

It’s also great for pruning tree branches.

Comes with 3 different saw blades 

Choose the right blade for the required job. Use the included hex wrench to switch between the pruning, wood or metal blades. 


Suitable for electric drill speed over 2000 RPM. 

Heavy duty and tough!

Get your own Power Tool Drill Saw Attachment and carry out sawing tasks with ease and efficiency! 

Safety Reminders: 

  • If you're using the corded variety of drill, always unplug from the power source before switching blades. 

  • Always use eye, hand and ear protection when sawing. 

Available Color: Blue 

Overall length: 220mm / 8.66 " 

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 set of Power Tool Drill Saw Attachment


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